This section contains job openings in Europe and the CIS. Also added interesting articles on job search in Europe, where and how to look for work. Articles on how to get a job interview, how to write a CV. And the latest employment news in Europe.

В этом разделе опубликованы вакансии работы в Европе и СНГ. Также добавлены интересные статьи о поиске работы в Европе, где и как искать работу. Статьи о том как пройти собеседование на работу, как написать CV. И последние новости трудоустройства в Европе.

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A resume for work

Prepare a base for your resume, list all the responsibilities, subsequent experience, skills, qualifications and education that you have. When responding to an employer's offer, emphasize what is most important to him, or you will find out from the hiring offer. The same goes for the cover letter.

For work - Job Portal

Job offers appear at work every day, but the largest selection of offers can be found on Monday addition. Do not believe ads that offer high earnings in a short time - they are unreliable. It’s worth responding to the ad as soon as possible.

Job without experience

If we are looking for the first serious job, the employer takes into account all of the above problems. Therefore, it is worthwhile to increase your chances of attracting the attention of a recruiter and write about what you have already experienced. Even if our previous actions have nothing to do with the industry in which we are looking for work, they will matter.


In the first step, the facts that count on your resume. Expectations for skills are clearly indicated in the recruitment announcement. A resume review usually ends with a Yes / No assessment. At the second stage - in a telephone conversation we are looking for confirmation of these facts and the experience of the first 2 impressions of direct contact.

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